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Personal Training Packages


People hire Trainers for many different reasons, some of which include coaching, motivation, education and safety - that’s what makes it personal!   Cut travel time, eliminate gym fees and get results in the convenience of your own home.



Enjoy the benefits that one-on-one training provides! Receive personalized coaching, motivation, education and an exercise program customized specifically to your unique needs.

From $60 - $90 per session.

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partner & COUPLES training

Split the cost! Training with a partner can be fun and motivating!  Your Trainer may have you doing partner drills or training independently, and having a partner holds you accountable even when your Trainer isn’t there!

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group fitness & boot campS

Get your friends or family members involved and enjoy getting fit together in a fun-filled group workout in the comfort of your own home, workplace or outdoors.

(3+ people) from only $20 per person / session

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workplace fitness

Avoid office fatigue and take a lunch break workout! Train alone, with a colleague or as a group to improve your concentration and overall well-being!

*45 minute sessions available

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Whether you’re looking for dedicated sessions or simply wish to enhance your training by integrating a variety of Yoga practices, start enjoying its transformative benefits with our convenient Yoga options.

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Top 10 reasons to get started today!
  1. Get results faster
  2. Receive one-on-one attention
  3. Start off on the right foot
  4. Overcome plateaus
  5. Maintain lasting results
  6. Customized program designs
  7. Time efficient and convenient 
  8. Professional fitness & nutritional advice
  9. Learn proper exercise form, breathing and technique to ensure your safety
  10. Make working out fun!

PLUS! Receive ongoing support, coaching, motivation and education!

Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificates may be purchased for any number of training sessions or specialty packages that we offer. 

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"My wife and I absolutely love the treadmill we are renting from HHC Toronto. It is smooth and quiet, and even better than the one we used at our old gym. We are finding it way easier to exercise at home and would recommend HHC to anyone looking for a better way to get in shape."

Bruce & Malinda, Toronto, Treadmill Rental

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